Career Highlights

the journey so far...

I've had a colourful career so far, which is something I'm always grateful for. Here are a few of the highlights I'm proudest of:

Jamie Oliver I couldn't believe my fortune when I negotiated my way into Jamie's private garden, interviewed him for a couple of hours about growing veggies and then, to top it all off, he cooked me lunch. Amazing. The interview resulted in a five-part magazine series that was sold worldwide.

Industry recognition In 2008 I won the BBC Worldwide Editorial Person of The Year award. What an honour to be recognised by a panel of hugely prestigious industry professionals.

Super Theatre Performing in front of 2000 people at the BBC Summer Festival Super Theatre gave me a buzz which I've never experienced since. Admittedly Anthea Turner was my sidekick, and perhaps had a little more pulling power than me, but it was an achievement all the same.

TV talent It's been a pleasure and an honour to work with some of the highest-profile gardeners in the country. Being a regular behind-the-scenes journalist at Gardeners' World filming days is an unforgettable highlight.

Rose Gray Interviewing the wonderful Rose Gray, and writing about the edible treasures on her rooftop garden, was my first assignment for Gardeners' World. I've never forgotten the delicious bruschetta and blackberry sorbet she made as a mid-interview snack.

Photography I'm lucky enough to have worked with some of the best photographers in the country and am very proud of the images we've created together, many in my own garden.