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It is impossible to have a website about myself without dedicating a chunk of it to Gardeners' World Magazine. After all, six years of my professional life was spent as the magazine's Commissioning Editor. I learnt a good deal of what I know during my time with the Gardeners' World family, including honing my editing skills, finding my writing voice and boosting my contacts book. This giant gardening magazine, and its rather excellent editorial team, have a lot to answer for. Their website offers a wealth of information, too.

I produced endless content during the Gardeners' World years - here are a few of my favourite pieces. They're downloadable PDFs, so you can have a proper read!
Jan Foster garden visit
Christina Oates garden visit
How to lay a patio
At home with Jamie
Spring cheer
Rose Gray
How to lay a lawn
Toby Buckland interview
Cyclamen pots
Hellebore pot
Christmas lighting
Winter canvas
Robin Beresford garden visit
Winter cherry pot
Furniture care
Insulating a greenhouse
Crocosmia pot